Special advisor

Mr. Taizo Son

Special Advisor


Shirley Crystal Chua

Founder and Group CEO

Meredith Carson

Chief of Staff

Jeremy Ong

Executive Director, People Experience

Adam Flinter

Managing Partner, International Markets

Gary Tiernan

CEO - Capital

Jacob Jiwon Kim

Managing Partner, Golden Equator Partners

Daren Tan

Managing Partner, Golden Equator Ventures

Raymond Chung

Managing Partner, Golden Equator Consulting

Chris McPherson

International Chief Executive Officer, SPECTRUM

Dafna Sokol

Chief Technology Officer

Jazzarie Lee

Group Legal Counsel

Szecindyo Chewandi (Chin)

Group Communication Lead

Karen Tan

Executive Assistant, CEO Office


Mr Stephen Chong

Dr Thomas Choong

Mr Olivier Crespin

Mr Ho Tian Lam

Mr Dick Lee

Ms Suguna Madhavan

Mr Atsushi Taira

Mr Patrick Tan

Mr Kelvin Tan

Mr Ivan Tham

Mr Christopher Wilson