ProNet is a professional business network composed of high-profile experts from various fields and industries that are carefully selected by Golden Equator Consulting. The company then activates them on projects that match their set of skills and experience. We draw on the expertise of these existing industry practitioners - with current real world business experience – who will work alongside our professional consultants to provide the best and most relevant advice to our clients. This mix of execution, consulting and real world experience ensures a genuine balance and turnkey solution approach on all projects we undertake.

Expert Benefits

Our Assurance


Creating a safe environment for you to work in

All interaction between experts and GEC’s Clients are subject to ProNet's strict compliance program, which prohibits the disclosure of confidential, proprietary, or non-public information. Guidepoint* utilises advanced IT systems and a dedicated compliance team to ensure enforcement.


We will ensure your involvement in any project remains confidential if so preferred

Confidentiality is important to both our Clients and our Experts. No personal information or data is ever sold to third parties. We release your information to our Clients only if you permit us to do so and we do not disclose our experts’ identities publicly without consent.

Convenience & Flexibility

We adjust to our Clients and Experts to make it easy and efficient for everybody

Your level of engagement is dependent on how much time and resources you can dedicate- each project work scope is defined on a case-to-case basis. Both our Clients and Experts benefit from the flexible environment created by ProNet. All meetings and consultations are set-up at your convenience, and you can consult from anywhere in the world.