Pok Xiaoguo

Director, Business Technology

Xiao Guo is the Business Technology Director in Golden Equator Consulting. With more than 8 years of practical experience in the software industry focusing on system architecture, design and infrastructure, Xiao Guo is well positioned to provide consultancy services in the area of software system implementation.

Prior to joining Golden Equator Consulting, he was part of the founding team at StreetSine, a Singapore-based tech start-up delivering software solutions in the real estate industry. As the Assistant Chief Technology Officer of StreetSine, Xiao Guo was responsible for the successful delivery of several web and mobile software projects, supporting a customer base of more than 10,000 users.

Xiao Guo began his career in Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) as a software engineer responsible for the implementation of various projects including the Payroll System for National Servicemen and Military personnel. In 2007, Xiao Guo and his team came in third in the inaugural programming competition, code: XtremeApps.

Xiaoguo is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), a globally recognised qualification which represents a professional in the field who has the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects.

Xiao Guo graduated with a Bachelor of Computing (2nd Upper Honours) from the National University of Singapore and was on the Dean’s list in 2001/2002.