Daemus Teo

Asset Portfolio Manager

Daemus is an Asset Portfolio Manager at Golden Equator Consulting. With his extensive experience in the trading and managerial spheres as well as strong business acumen, he provides advice on asset allocation for businesses and balances risk against performances for clients.

Daemus started his career as a Junior trader for Drinksconnect Pte Ltd, an emerging international drinks distribution house and brand management company. He became an Accounts Manager of alcoholic trading after three months, a testament to his tenacity and ability to build strong rapport with clients.

Daemus went on to be an Asset Portfolio Manager with Campore, a company with its main interest in Cambodia, engaging in the import & export of Luxury Goods, Automobiles, F&B as well as Land Development.

Daemus was extremely active during his tertiary education, namely being the President and Founder of the Strathclyde Singapore Student Society from 2009-2011. Apart from this, he was also a member of the Strathclyde Accounting and Finance Society as well as the Strathclyde Entrepreneurial network, further exhibiting his aptitude towards the finance and business development fields.

Daemus Graduated with a Bachelor (honours) in Finance from the University of Strathclyde in 2011.