Chaitanya Kashyap


Chaitanya Kashyap is the Creative Services Consultant at Golden Equator Consulting. He assists the company to carry out its copy-editing, copywriting and branding tasks, such as the creation of business profiles and website copy as well as organisation of branding and visual guides.

Chaitanya spent close to 14 years in Australia, running an online retail business for much of that time. He also gained valuable experience carrying out communications projects, undertaking tasks such as the writing of media releases as well as assisting with research, proofreading and copy editing.

His work has been published in Men’s Health Magazine (Singapore) as well as several times in the corporate sphere in Australia.

Chaitanya returned to Singapore at the end of 2013, and has since bolstered his copywriting portfolio as a copy editor and copy writer. Apart for working for Golden Equator Consulting, he also currently works on projects for an overseas start-up company in the capacity of a creative copywriter.

Chaitanya graduated with a bachelor of media and communications from the University of Melbourne.