Adam Flinter

Director, Business Development

Adam Flinter is a Business Development Director at Golden Equator Consulting.

With close to two decades of varied experience across all aspects of the media (writing, television, digital media, copywriting and marketing), Adam is one of the most sought after consultants in his industry- his reputation earning him advisory roles with some of the largest newspaper groups in South-east Asia.

Adam’s skill-sets revolve around his expertise in company processes and workflows, effectively helping to streamline operations and develop growth opportunities- he has a successful track-record of adding long-term value to any organisation he works for- both on the retention and acquisition fronts.

Apart from running multiple successful businesses of his own, Adam has also facilitated impressive growth figures for several companies during various stages of their life-cycle.

Adam spent several years in the Middle East, helping to market and grow the digital arms of media companies before moving to Singapore to work in Marketing and Communications, where his reputation has led to regular invitations to appear as a pundit on TV.